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How much of a refund am I eligible for?
Last Updated 2 years ago

If the withdrawal request is received by the deadline (as per the cancellation policy) will be up to 70%

Why “up to 70%”?

There are some fees that are not recoverable when an entrant signs up. To cover these costs, our minimum administrative charge is £10.

Some examples of how much you would get back if you cancelled an entry are as follows:

Entry Fee Administration Fee Refund Amount
£20 £10 £10
£30 £10 £20
£40 £12 £28
£50 £15 £35
£60 £18 £42
£70 £21 £49

Where the entrant is pregnant, and the withdrawal request is received by the deadline, the Administration Fee will be waived and the full entrance fee will be waived.

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